Finding Community In A Crisis

A ClimateInColour Climate Cafe

Hello lovelies,

Coming at you with an exciting mid-week announcement ahead of our next bi-weekly newsletter - ClimateInColour’s first in-person event!🙌🏾

Join me this Saturday (28th August) from 12.30 pm - 3.00 pm at @gaiasgarden to explore the impact of radical collective imagination in the face of climate breakdown, where imagination is not a passive, but rather an active and intentional practice.

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In the words of Victoria Adukwei Bulley: "In a time when it is necessary to ask what structures must be dismantled in order for all peoples to live freely and well, thoughts about what will need to be abolished come in tandem with those asking what we will need to learn to grow."

This 2.5-hour session will bring together the climate curious to connect with others and reflect on their fears, hopes, dreams and ideas for climate just futures.

The first hour and a half will facilitate connection and reflection over a FREE vegan buffet created by @tallawahalli followed by an hour of community sharing and storytelling. 

Through these practices, we hope to foster a safe space for self-expression, deep listening and community building all in a community garden in the heart of London.

Grab your free ticket here and if you feel called to share your climate narrative/experience, your favourite/original climate poetry or fiction or just want to vent about your own climate grief in a safe space, sign up for a 10-minute slot in the sharing hour too.

So excited to see you there!! 💚🌱

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This event is a collaboration between @climateincolour, @spannerlabs and @playniceldn.